Three road PPPs in Argentina reach commercial close

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Three road PPP projects that are part of the first stage of the Argentinian Ministry of Transport's Network of Highways and Safe Routes project have reached commercial close, following a signing ceremony held by the Ministry. The projects involve the design, construction, expansion, improvement, repair, remodeling, operation, maintenance and commercial exploitation of roads located throughout the country, grouped into corridors.

A consortium of China Construction America and Green signed the 15-year contract for road corridor B, which entails the administration of 546km of national route 5, between Luján and Santa Rosa, as well as the rehabilitation and upgrading of selected sections

Meanwhile, a consortium consisting of Helport, Panedile, Eleprint and Copasa signed contracts for corridors E and F. The former covers 390km of national routes 9, 34, 193, A008, A012 and 1V11 of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe, while the latter covers 635km of national route 33 in Santa Fe, the Rosario-Córdoba highway and part of national route 9 north of the capital of Cordoba to Villa Totoral.

The tenders for the six corridors were launched in February this year, with the contracts awarded in June. Corridors A and C were signed earlier this month, while the commercial close of Corridor Sur (South) was announced earlier this week. Construction works are scheduled to commence in October.

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