USD295 million Funding announced for metropolitan train lines 8 and 9 in São Paulo

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The Governor of São Paulo state has announced the concession contract with ViaMobilidade for the renovation of metropolitan train lines 8 and 9 in São Paulo, Brazil.

ViaMobilidade, formed by CCR (80%) and RuasInvest (20%) has allegedly failed to solve a series of operational problems on both of the rail lines. Therefore, at the suggestion of the public prosecutor's office, the government was about to cancel the concession contract due to poor services. However, after a meeting between consortium representatives and state government officials, it is announced that ViaMobilidade, has avoided getting its contract terminated.

The consortium will be responsible for the operation, maintenance, and modernization of both lines. The concessionaire is expected to invest BRL1.5 billion (US$295 million) in the two lines in 2023. 



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