World Bank to provide US$7.5 million to Panama's PPP program

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The World Bank has approved a US$7.5 million loan to invest in technical assistance to strengthen Panama's public-private partnerships (PPP) program.

The PPP program aims to build the capacity of the Ministry of Public Works and other organizations to accelerate the readiness of the first PPPs in the context of economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises. The project implementation includes strengthening the planning capacity of the MOP and other organizations to identify PPPs and set priorities, develop an operational policy for the preparation, implementation and monitoring of PPPs and management tools and establish a fund for the preparation of PPP projects.

The project finances consulting and advisory services and supply of goods. The loan term for the PPP Development Support in Panama for the rehabilitation project is 10 years, of which 4.5 years is a grace period. 


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