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The company was founded in 1952 by Francis Bouygues and since 1989 has been led by his son Martin Bouygues. In 2011 it had over 130,000 employees in 80 countries, generating €32.7 billion in revenue. In 1996 the company launched Bouygues Télécom and in 2006 the company acquired 23.26% of Alstom.

The group specializes in construction (Colas and Bouygues Construction), real estate development (Bouygues Immobilier), media (TF1 Group), and telecommunications (Bouygues Telecom).


  • Name: Bouygues
  • Address: 8th arrondissement, Paris, France
  • City: Paris
  • Country: UK (United Kingdom)
  • Region: Europe
  • Website:

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