10 bids for Route PY12 development PPP project in Paraguay

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The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) has announced that it received offers from 10 constructions firm interested in qualification and maintenance work on over 142 km of the PY12 between Nanawa and General Bruguez and nearly 15 km of community access and urban crossings, totaling nearly 157 km in Paraguay.

The bidders are as follows: Chaco Sur Consortium (MM S.A. – Tecsul S.A. – Proel Ingeniería – CCC S.A.), Avanza Chaco Consortium (Construpar S.A. – Tecnoedil S.A. Constructora – Ocho A S.A.), TCR II Consortium (T&C S.A. – Civsa – Rovella Carranza S.A. Paraguay), Bruguez (Edivi S.A. – CD Ingeniería S.A. – Caldetec Ingeniería S.R.L.), Vial Chaco Consortium (Wheel.Co S.A. – Teco S.R.L.) and the Vial HBL Consortium (Benito Roggio e Hijos S.A. – Constructora Heisecke S.A. – LT S.A), Vial Ruta 12 Consortium (Ing. Miguel Angel Chavez Hausman – Semisa Infraestructura S.A.), Constructora San José S.A; TEC Consortium (Tocsa S.A – Ecomipa S.A. – Concret Mix S.A.), Consorcio Constructora Asunción S.A and Asociados/83 (Constructora Asunción S.A – EDB Construcciones). 

For Lot 4, 9 firms submitted bids: the Route 12 consortium submitted a minimum amount of PYG737,47 billion (US$103.24 million) and the maximum amount of PYG1,47 trillion (US$205.88 million) was submitted by the HBL Road Consortium. The Chaco Road Consortium submitted a bid of PYG466,66 billion (US$65.33 million) for Lots 2 and 3. 

Investment in the project is PYG1,26 trillion (US$117 million) and it is financed by a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in the amount of US$215 million.

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