Regional San’s EchoWater Tertiary Treatment Facility project completed in California

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Balfour Beatty has finished a US$300 million extension of the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Tertiary Treatment Facility project in California, USA. 

The recently implemented upgrades involve treating water before its discharge into the Sacramento River, where it will be reused for agricultural purposes. Through the upgraded treatment process, an impressive 99% of ammonia and 89% of nitrogen are now removed from the wastewater. 

Balfour Beatty was responsible for the construction of the US$300 million Tertiary Treatment Facilities project, which elevated the EchoWater Resource Recovery Facility from a secondary to a tertiary level of treatment. This advancement enables the removal of pathogens and the production of high-quality effluent suitable for unrestricted recycling. The construction team successfully built over a dozen large concrete structures, including granular media filters, 4 disinfection basins, pumping stations, electrical buildings, and support facilities. Additionally, the Tertiary Treatment Facility project encompassed the construction of an Area Control Center (ACC), substations, transformer yards, chemical storage and feed systems, a stormwater handling and detention basin, as well as civil and electrical site work. An Effluent Observation Structure (EOS) was also erected as part of the project. 

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