Construction started for combined road-rail bridge project in Latvia

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Latvian Ministry of Transport has announced the start of the construction phase of the 1.1 km long high-speed combined road-rail bridge over the Daugava River.

A company association consisting of Egis Rail S.A., DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH, and SIA Olimps was chosen to design the Rail Baltica main track and the Vangaži–Salaspils–Misa section. The designers explored different bridge options, comparing costs, solutions, and parameters to identify the best solution for the crossing point, considering surrounding infrastructure such as road networks. 

The design team refined their solutions to ensure an economical and technically suitable design for future construction works. After analyzing various options, they concluded that a combined bridge was the most justifiable solution. The optimal design consists of a railway line at the lower level, approximately 12 m above the water, and a highway on top at a height of 22 m above the river, with 8 spans each measuring 150 m long.

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